Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Factors in easing congestion

I cycled to work yesterday. There is nothing special about this except that it was the first time that I cycled back through the centre of Lancaster and I felt quite safe. I am used to cycling along the cycle path that skirts the city and a very pleasant route it is too. However it must save at least five minutes on the journey if you are prepared to risk the main road. Alright it wasn't rush hour but it was busy.

I spoke with someone last week who felt that a proposed new cycle path near their house was not worth the destruction of an old hawthorn hedge. It depends on how many people you can take out of their cars. Hawthorn is nice but new hawthorn grows at a reasonable rate and should not be the sole factor or even the main factor in coming to a decision on creating a cycle path.

We often hear people say that a link road from Morecambe to the M6 will not cure Lancaster's problems and they are right. We have to look at a whole range of factors to ease congestion and easier access to cycle paths is one small part.

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