Monday, 13 December 2010

Jon Sopel again

I saw Jon Sopel a few days ago interviewing Paddy Ashdown. He really gave Paddy a hard time but Paddy gave as good as he got. Jon would ask a question and not wait for an answer, then he would ask another question. It would be good to see this interview again but I can't see it on the iPlayer. I have written about Jon Sopel's interview techniques before when speaking with Liberal Democrats. If he isn't prepared to listen to answers then he really shouldn't be asking the questions.

The reason why I am writing about him now is because I watched the Politics Show yesterday and Eric Pickles was on the programme. Jon's first words to him were about wearing a donkey jacket and how Eric used to own one. How they laughed. I would be happy with just the time to answer the question.

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