Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Trusting the people

Yesterday I wrote about political apathy because all votes are not equal in our present system and many will not vote because they see their vote as not counting. The obvious answer is to change the system but another idea has made the headlines. According to "a plan to allow popular online petitions to be debated in Parliament within a year has been given the go-ahead by the government".

I have written previously about trying to reverse the decline in voter turnout by such things as changing the way we vote with the aid of technology. Perhaps changing the voting day from Thursday would be a good move, but the most important move would be to make sure that votes count. However if we can improve the democrativ process by involving members of the public in setting the Westminster agenda then my first reaction is that this has to be a good move.

A few years ago I read that a survey in Calafornia put the need for breast reconstruction (boob job) as a higher priority than hip replacements - one of the best surgical procedures you can imagine. You can't trust the people all the time but my instinct is that the public generally get things right and we should be listening.

Change the world

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