Wednesday, 26 January 2011

20mph limit

The news that took my attention yesterday was that all residential roads in Lancashire are going to have a 20mph speed limit. My first thought was that drivers in Morecambe and Lancaster may not be able to drive that quickly, but there are times when the roads are quiet. In fact I was walking the dog at around 11pm on Monday and a car drove past me driving far quicker than the 30mph limit.

This notion of breaking the law regardless of the limit was mentioned on Look North West yesterday. One comment was that if drivers can't keep to the limit at 30mph then they certainly won't at 20mph. It is true that legislation only works with agreement even if that agreement has to be enforced but this is not an argument to keep the speed limit the same. There may be stronger arguments like reducing injuries and saving lives.

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  1. The area wheer I live is now subject to a 20mph limit...I frequently see people driving at more than makes you a more cautious driver..maintaing your speed at 20 mph..but it does not seem that anyone is policing the I am frequently over taken by people who have NO regard for the 20 mph linit!
    if a 20 mph speed limit is should be monitored!