Sunday, 2 January 2011

To Thine Own Self Be True

If you want to know how to come to a decision then you may be forthright and have an answer yourself but you may be wrong. The best answers come from people who know the questions well and that isn't necessarily the person who makes the decisions. However, on Wednesday I wrote that you can't trust the general public all the time. There are many reasons for this. A decision may be easy to take if you don't have to bear the responsibility for that decision. Even academic groups may only have knowledge in one particular area and they may not have the best answers and I often see "experts" who have no reason to call themselves experts apart from being in the public eye.

There are so many reasons why one particular answer may not be the best one. In the social sciences there may be many answers and you just pick the one you like the most. In general I like to hear what the public have to say. Fifty complaints to the BBC may be meaningless if you don't agree with them or it may be really important if you happen to agree with those fifty. Regardless of whether you are in the majority or the minority the important part is to believe in your decision. The only difference is that if you have the majority with you then you are more likely to be in a position to make the decision.

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