Monday, 17 January 2011

Where to make the cuts.

You often hear that politicians don't go into politics to make cuts, but this is exactly what is happening almost everywhere you look. How do you decide which areas should be saved from cuts? The NHS is often put forward as a sacred cow but I think there is room for saving. I am not entirely convinced of NHS priorities and some people wait longer when a greater priority comes along. These greater priorities are often other medical conditions but they could be financial restraints too.

Education is another area that could cope with cuts. I have written previously about the definition of matriculation. I have nothing against education. I would make it my personal priority if I were in control of the budget. It may be a priority but that doesn't mean I couldn't find an area for cuts. Art galleries, museums and libraries are closely related to education. In fact I went to a couple of museums yesterday and highly informative they were too. The trouble is that there are not many people who shared my experience and I could have done with a lot more time than I had.

Virtual museums may open them up to many more people and save a lot of money. This would not be popular with the establishment but change never is. You may not receive a certificate a degree for visiting a museum but, as the Open University demonstrates, there are much cheaper ways of improving knowledge.

Change the world


  1. Negative budgets!!!!!
    Education is the country's future!
    Cuts here may mean that "tomorrow's" work force are incapeable of continuing the "push" towards better working conditions

  2. Thanks for your comment Sea. I would treat the Government's budget like my own. It may be worth going into debt for some things like a mortgage but I would now reign back on spending. I am sure that technology and innovation are the way forward for the country and we do need training for this.