Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Premier League in safe hands

There was an interesting interview with the new chairman of Blackburn Rovers on the radio yesterday. He sacked manager Sam Allardyce and replaced him with an inexperienced first team coach. This was for the short term and now it is longer term but the handling of the change of managers was not good for PR. The main news yesterday was that Rovers are interested in signing Ronaldinho and David Beckham but who is doing the organising?

Just because you have plenty of money doesn't mean that you have a good team. It is a very good start but the manager should be looking at which players can play together. The really interesting news from the interview was that the Indian owners have not seen any matches but they watched the World Cup because it was on in India, and the chairman's brother is very knowledgeable on football (or was it soccer?)

It is good to know that Premier League football is in safe hands.

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