Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sticking to the speed limit

Which? magazine reckons that the chances of getting caught by a fixed speed camera is a lottery because most of them are not operational. At the time of their study all of the cameras in Sussex were working but this figure was down to 10% in Lancashire. Road safety should not be a lottery but that suggests that fixed speed cameras make our roads safer. I'm afraid that I can't see the correlation.

There is a camera on my road but that didn't stop me writing about a boy racer just two days ago. Speeding is unacceptable, and on Wednesday I was writing about the lowering of the limit on Lancashire's residential roads to 20mph which takes place in 2013. It is just as easy to break a 20mph limit as a 30mph one, so the boy racers will still be around. Also given that the new limit will not apply to commuter routes, trunk roads and main roads, where it seems to me that most speeding occurs, I'd like to see the results of some surveys into where most accidents occur.

This might seem like a waste of time, given that the new limit is going to be implemented anyway, but more people are likely to abide by the limit if they can see the justification for it.

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