Sunday, 9 January 2011

Granada bias

Yesterday I described Ed Miliband as a politician who wants political advantage but for some reason said that he didn't when describing his attitude towards marriage. He visited Oldham East and Saddleworth to support the Labour candidate - nothing wrong with that. He was looking for political advantage. What I object to is how it was reported.

Amy Welch described Ed's visit for Granada Reports. The first bit was alright: "more big-name politicians have taken to the streets". I am sure that prominent politicians from all parties have made visits and she did mention William Hague and Chris Huhne. However it was when she described Ed's reception by Labour supporters as an "overwhelming show of support" that I got suspicious. They would support him wouldn't they? William Hague was heckled but I don't think he would have been if surrounded by Tory supporters. Would Ed have been heckled among Tory supporters?

Amy went on to describe Ed's support for their candidate in "a seat they never should have lost". Why not? Is Amy telling us that the disgraced former MP for the area was not a disgrace? Is she saying that Elwyn Watkins could not have won the seat in the general election? I'm not sure what she means and I don't think Amy knows either.

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