Sunday, 9 January 2011

Oh dear, it's Alan Johnson

It is unusual for me to write two blogs on the same day but I couldn't let Alan Johnson's remarks go without comment. I have just seen him on the news and it was only for a few seconds but he managed to say "it is really significant that we start the year with a broken promise because both parties (he meant in the coalition) said they wouldn't increase VAT". Oh dear. Alan happens to be the Shadow Chancellor and he doesn't know what the Liberal Democrats said before the last election. How does he get away with it?

In the few seconds that Alan was on the news he also managed to say that VAT hits the poorest. Well why would Alistair Darling as Chancellor support a rise? I wrote recently that there is some relationship between VAT and wealth so Labour Chancellors may choose to support such a rise. I don't mind whether the present Labour Shadow Chancellor supports the rise, I would just like him to tell the truth before saying that the Liberal Democrats have broken a promise.

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