Tuesday, 18 January 2011

What makes you angry?

If I didn’t get the right change I would complain. If someone stole a fiver from my wallet I might feel brave enough to chase after them. As far as I am concerned property isn’t theft but you can steal property and some of it is mine. You see I can get fairly emotional about relatively small matters. That’s why I feel strongly about MPs, or anyone for that matter, who steal thousands of pounds. That’s why I feel really strongly when white collar crime takes much more money from its correct owner.

That is why it is really important to catch tax thieves, so if whistleblower Rudolf Elmer wants to expose mass tax evasion then good luck to him. It is really important to stop these criminals. Mr Elmer gave Wikileaks evidence of such crimes but he returns to Switzerland to stand trial for his crime of passing on this information. What really makes me angry is the idea that we can protect the guilty and prosecute those who try to correct the situation.

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