Tuesday, 11 January 2011

David Chaytor's punishment

Should David Chaytor have been jailed? He was an "honourable" member of the House of Commons who decided to use the expenses system to steal around £20,000. It was a white-collar crime, not a crime against the person. I also understand that he paid back the money, he said sorry and he did plead guilty to save the taxpayer a lot of money. Surely a punishment like community service or a fine should be enough?

On the other hand he did try to evade justice and find sanctuary in Westminster. He is not only a thief, but a thief in a position of authority. As a Member of Parliament he could tell us how to live our lives and he was breaking the law at the same time. In his position of responsiblity he should have known better and been a good role model. He let us down and so deserves a greater punishment. Common thieves are sent to prison and so should he.

The long and short of it is that the judge is the expert in this field. I don't know whether this sentence is harsh or lenient but I am willing to accept the decision. Many of his former constituents are calling for a greater punishment but let's leave it to the professionals.

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