Wednesday, 22 April 2009

A Civilised Society

We are coming up to elections for Europe and elections for the County Council and the internet in general and blogs in particular are really efficient ways to get over policies and opinions. I recently came across the Libertarian Party on the internet so I thought that I would make them the subject of this blog.

The Libertarian Party does not believe in interfering government and would abolish income tax. This sounds wonderful. However, compare it to most of my blogs that mention a civilised society is one that looks after its poor and sick and those in need. If we had no income tax then new systems would have to be devised that would mirror the actions of government. Who would look after our roads? Who would police us? Who would run the judicial system? Who would put out our fires? It strikes me that the views of the Libertarian Party may sound popular if you don't pause for thought. I would not pay income tax - great. Who pays for our education system? Surely not the poorest in society which are often the people with children. Who would insure us against fire? Who would take us to war and decide on the size of our armed forces? The essence of government is to look after our collective needs. Put this in the hands of private enterprise and we have no say in what is essential to us.

When I speak to people in Morecambe about the town council that is to be formed this year, they generally don’t know about it or think it is a good idea as long as services improve. People want their streets cleaned, their parks their police and armed forces. They want government and council services and by default they want taxes.

Margaret Thatcher said 'there is no such thing as society'. It shows a lack of caring and is not one of her better quotes but it is one that has been taken up by the Libertarian Party. Do think about how you are going to vote and don’t be taken in by people who say they are going to abolish income tax. It is important to vote as politics is all around us and we have to participate otherwise a private police force will have free reign to do the will of a minimalistic government. No taxes sounds good but tax and a social democracy sounds so much better.

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