Friday, 24 April 2009

Den, James, Gordon and Expenses

Den Dover is in the news again. He is looking to clear his name from all the allegations about his expenses as a north-west MEP. I wrote about him in the blog on Sunday 19th April and he tells us again that he is fighting to clear his name. I think he is just digging a deeper hole for himself. The more he works to highlight his innocence, the more people will know about what he has been doing.

On TV he was asked about his three cars. His reply was that he had generously donated one of them. What he didn't say is that the two cars on MEP expenses cost us £65 000. Does he really feel that this is justified? He still defends himself by claiming to work within the guidelines, but this has not stopped the call for a return of the majority of his claims. He was also questioned about being kicked out of the Tory Party. His reply was that he had been temporarily suspended.

I got the feeling after admitting to suspension that Den felt a little guilty about his family's gravy train, because he talked about a revision of MEPs' expenses. If Den is showing a hint of shame then I would rate James Purnell's abuse of the system worse, because he has no shame. Even though he claimed a lot less than Den, James had no inkling of doing anything wrong. How do we make MPs appreciate their abuse of the system. Gordon has realised the importance of what is happening. Unfortunately his response has not been good enough. A flat rate may be simple but it is hardly fair, or should I say related to expense. Are we really hearing that expenses are abused so let's replace the expenses system to one which is nothing to do with expenses! Perhaps Gordon should ask bloggers for advice.

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