Monday, 13 April 2009

Political Tactics

Does Gordon Brown have to say sorry for emails that were sent by one of his advisors suggesting a smear on top Tories? The Tories say yes and Gordon's party says no. Gordon had nothing to do with this but he is responsible for his office. Just because the person concerned has resigned does not mean that the matter is closed. What is to stop the next person doing exactly the same thing? What checks has Gordon put in place?

David Cameron has asked for an apology for the suggestion of smears. He should have a thicker skin and he should know that politics is about presenting your policies in the best possible light and the opposition's in the worst. How this presentation occurs often leaves something to be desired. Personally, I find it hard to believe the way our MPs behave in Parliament. It sounds like members should be in an unruly school class. We are all aware of the insults that are documented and David Cameron is also well aware of the rude remarks that are not documented. If he is serious about making politics a cleaner place then he should look again at the House of Commons.

Would I apologise for the thought of a smear in my office? Yes of course. I would take responsibility for my employees. However a much bigger apology is required for the behaviour of our elected representatives.

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