Monday, 6 April 2009

Obvious decisions are usually right

I have a strong memory of watching the the TV programme in which Margaret Thatcher was asked about the sinking of the Belgrano. Her answer was that it was a 'danger to our shipping', despite being outside the exclusion zone and heading away from our shipping. It was great television to see her on the ropes but she bounced back and was voted into government again and again.

The definition of paranoia includes excessive anxiety (I don't know if Margaret Thatcher was anxious but she should have been). It also includes feelings of persecution and delusion. After this interview her relations with the BBC were never quite the same. I wonder if she felt persecuted when she was doing a wonderful job for the country? Also I never worked out how the Belgrano was a danger to us. However Mrs Thatcher was seen as a strong leader who defended our country well, not as a leader with paranoid delusions.

Look out for the obvious in politics and be ready to question your politicians. Ships may still be sunk but sometimes obvious decisions will be made.

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