Sunday, 12 April 2009

Would you go on Any Questions?

I am listening to this week's Any Questions and I am wondering what it would be like to be on the panel. The first question: was Bob Quick right to resign? His mistake was to show documents to the press as he was walking into Downing Street. The reason why he had to carry loose documents is because briefcases are not allowed into number 10. It seems that we cannot trust people in Downing Street. I don't include myself in this lack of trust because I would not get into the street anyway. So we can't trust those who are invited past the gates.

Nobody is perfect and we have all made mistakes. We have no alternative but to live in a less than perfect life but I particularly dislike premeditated mistakes. This was an accident. Unfortunately this is the same officer who has made very public premeditated mistakes. The Downing Street error was rather large, and set in the context of his previous mistakes I would consider resignation a reasonable response.

This was the first question. You can't go on the programme without an opinion or without preparation. I think that I could handle the questions, but my only concern would be the last comedy question for which it is more difficult to prepare. The last question this week was about Easter eggs and what would you like it to hatch into. I don't think I'll bother asking for an invitation to the Any Questions panel, but stick with blogs.

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