Thursday, 30 April 2009

All Parties Can Work Together

I tend to write political blogs two or three days in advance but I wanted to publish this blog today. I listened to Nick Clegg yesterday and he was making almost exactly the same point to the Prime Minister as my last paragraph in last Sunday's blog about the Ghurkas. He said 'people who are willing to die for our country, should be allowed to live in our country'. He managed to repeat this statement as it is a most important point. The next I heard was on the news and the government had been defeated because the Conservatives and some Labour MPs had voted for a Liberal Democrat motion.

As I understand it, the Labour Party inherited a situation from the Conservatives that did not allow Ghurkas to stay in this Country. I really don't mind politicians changing their minds on any subject. It is a sign of great strength if you can say that you have been persuaded by the power of the argument. This means the same thing as 'I was previously wrong' but I would not expect a politician to say that. Moreover it is really important to see politicians of all parties working together to achieve the best result. Well done to all.

Change the world.


  1. Michael,

    Like the design of your website. - well done. Pity imho the political content spoils it though.

    I dont vote for any of the main political parties because they do not respect the British constitution or democracy.

    For example they are not prepared to give the British people a referendum on the EU.

    Maybe the apathy vote always wins in British politics because the people are deceived and lied to - a bit like the setting up of the Morecambe Town Council were the 10% who signed the petition were misled- they were not informed it would be another tier of revenue collecting local government nor were they informed of the forthcoming inflation busting counil tax rises (11%)

    Also what about the other 90% are they not allowed their say? - do you call that a democracy Michael? Its more like what I would expect in a fascist state or a dictatorship.

    Its a pity there are no young people or more females as candidates in the Town Council elections.

    Good luck in the election Michael I might have considered voting for you if you were a bona fide independent.Parish councils are meant to be non political.

    Peace, truth respect and a Mason Free Society.

  2. Hi Michael

    I'm not the same anonymous that made the first comment. I'd just like to point out, in response to that first anonymous, that the Liberal Democrats have campaigned long and hard to give the British people a referendum on the EU. In fact, in contrast with others such as the Referendum party, which would have asked people to choose between a "Federal Europe" and "an association of sovereign nations that are part of a common trading market" (whatever that means, and as if we could actually determine such matters on our own), the Lib Dem call is for a simple "in or out" question. Should we be in the EU or not? No head-scratching required.

    No matter how often I tell people this, they can't believe that a major party can put forward such a straightforward, unambiguous proposition. Especially when it's a pro-Europe party proposing to give anti-European forces an opportunity. But all anybody has to do is Google to see that it's true. It's because we act on principle, and believe that our positions have enough merit to allow us to win by persuasion rather than coercion. Even when we might lose, we prefer that to coercing others against their will.

    Nice blog, by the way.

  3. the Lib Dem call is for a simple "in or out" question. Should we be in the EU or not? No head-scratching required

    I attended a recent event at Lancaster Town Hall organised by a pro Euro Lancashire group were the panel comprising Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and Green party MEPS/prospective MEPs gave pro EU speeches and took Q & As.

    When asked the Q if the Lib Dem would give us a referendum the answer was a clear NO! This response was replicated by all the others on the panel.

    Whatever happened to our UK democratic system? Thats what you'd expect in a fascist state/dictatorship!

  4. The Liberal Democrats say NO if the question is about the Lisbon Treaty. In or out is a much simpler question.