Friday, 1 May 2009

Political Posturing

I was looking at the internet and I saw a story about Conservatives making a big deal about the way they were spending money in a Conservative Council. This time it was on flood prevention but it doesn't matter what it is. Look around and you will see our roads and pavements in need of repair. You will see litter on the streets which could be improved if more money was available. The talk nowadays is more about grassing over flower beds rather than producing more, but wouldn't the world be a better place if we could have more flowers?

You can pick on any aspect of council or government spending. Everyone would like more money and we could well see an improvement if the money were available. The comments that I hear about the Morecambe Parish Council are generally on the lines that it could be a good thing if the service improves.

The reason why I picked on the Tories at the start of the blog is because we have David Cameron talking tough but saying nothing. If we really are going to have unpopular cuts then tell us where they are coming from. If the situation changes before the election then tell us how your policy would change. Anything less is political posturing.

Change the world.

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