Saturday, 30 May 2009

Morecambe Winter Gardens

I am a candidate in the County Council elections for Morecambe West on June 4th, and I printed my second leaflet today. I would like to share part of that leaflet with you.

If you know Morecambe then you will know the Midland Hotel. You may be old enough to remember the beauty contests, and you may know about the Winter Gardens. It is a fine building. Unfortunately it has not been used since 1977. There is a possibility that it could re-open and here is part of my leaflet:

Liberal Democrats back Winter Gardens

Lancaster City Council met on April 29th to discuss the Winter Gardens. This important project in the regeneration of Morecambe could become reality because of the hard work of the Friends of the Winter Gardens. Liberal Democrats believe this would be a great asset to Morecambe and a draw for tourists.

At the meeting councillors were asked to give their support to the project and in so doing they were asked to look at the Council's own CulturalServices to make sure they were not competing against the Winter Gardens. They were also told to look at the council's budget to see if they could afford to back the project. The Liberal Democrats were the only group to support these proposals. In a shock move MBI councillors voted for a Labour proposal which the Liberal Democrats believe will scupper the project.

Stuart Langhorn, leader of Lancaster Council said 'The effect of this is to say that they do not support the business plan put forward by the Winter Gardens. What sort of message does that send to potential funders?'

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