Saturday, 23 May 2009

People you meet during elections

This morning (22nd May) I met a Conservative candidate for the County elections. He told me that there was so much antagonism towards candidates that he thought canvasing was counter-productive so he wasn't doing any. Yesterday evening I met a Labour candidate who was getting abuse on the doorstep. His response is to ask if they want to stand. I mentioned yesterday that even I am getting some abuse as a Liberal Democrat. If people want to make constructive criticism they can write to the papers, speak to me, or simply add comments to this blog.

I also met a very nice lady who told me about her work keeping the streets clean. The improvements that can be made are obvious. It is people who put litter in the street and we need to educate them. The answer is also to have more people cleaning the streets and giving them an area that they can be proud of - and so can the residents. This lady told me that she needed more time so there is another answer.

I also met a former Liberal Democrat councillor. It was very nice to meet her - another poster has now gone up, and we may have another activist. So some people do care enough to act politically despite the expenses scandal.

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