Thursday, 28 May 2009

Sometimes people know what they want

More than a hundred people were evacuated from their homes in Morecambe in the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday (25th May) because of a fire that swept through a chicken processing factory. The factory was devastated by the fire and investigations to evaluate the amount of damage will take some time. Nobody was injured but it will be some time if ever before more chicken comes out ot this factory.

It is in a residential area and in the past there have been many complaints about bad smells. There have also been a lot of problems with parking in this area. It is not just this factory that is the cause of the parking problem but it has contributed.

On the Monday morning Liberal Democrats were campaigning for its closure. In today's local paper (27th May) the editorial agrees. It is a peculiar time for local newspapers. They don't want to publish anything to do with party politics. The photographer avoided the campaigners and their rosettes and no mention was made of the petition. Local democracy is about campaigning for what people want. This can sometimes be confusing because the people don't know what they want, but in this case they do.

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