Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Michael Martin, hold your head in shame.

Public faith must be restored immediately in our MPs. This is now the rallying call of all political leaders and it seems most MPs are getting the idea that working within the guidelines is not a good enough response when blatant abuse is going on. A Conservative MP didn't expect the authorities to pay the bill for his moat to be cleaned. Well who claimed? Incompetence is worse than abuse of the system. I'm afraid they are just digging a deeper hole for themselves. David Cameron is right when he says it is not good enough to say 'I have worked within the rules', but now he has to apologise for incompetence.

There is one aspect of the expenses fiasco which for me is the most important aspect. We should be grateful to the person who leaked the documents to The Telegraph because without the leak the abuse would be carrying on. So it was saddening to hear the Commons speaker Michael Martin criticise the leaks and asked the police to investigate. What will happen to this person if found? My suggestion is to give them a reward for saving the country from a disgraceful expenses system. Michael Martin, hold your head in shame.

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