Friday, 29 May 2009

Who is investigating our MPs?

Today's news (28th May) is that Tory MP Julie Kirkbride and Labour's Margaret Moran are standing down at the next general election victims of the expenses fiasco. If they are victims and standing down because of harassment by their constituents then shame on their constituents.

I don't think they are victims. They may have made claims within a system that was not strict at all. Sloppy might be a better word. Regardless of how sloppy the system was, it looks like they have milked it, and some would say broken the law by theft.

Whether they are victims, honest people working within the system, or thieves, we don't want people's courts setting up everywhere. Trial by Telegraph. We also don't want Gordon Brown telling us that MPs will be weeded out and not stand again as Labour candidates. We want the same punishment to occur to MPs as it would to anyone else.

Thora Hird worked in a shop in Morecambe before she became famous. She had to wear an overall and the story goes that she was late for work and she kept some of her own change in the overall. I can't remember the detail of this story (so if you know then please add a comment) but the result was that on that very day she was out of a job. This happened without proof, but we have a lot of evidence with MPs. Who is investigating our MPs?

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