Sunday, 24 May 2009

Polish squadrons fought valiantly

On Monday (18th May) I went to the dentist. The work that was done was carried out very professionally and I was very pleased with the result. The dentist happened to be Polish. Many years ago a friend of mine was a newly qualified dentist and my dentist was always trying to get me to influence him to join his surgery. There was a great shortage of dentists at the time and I am sure that there is still a shortage now. My friend was English but both his parents were Polish. I mention nationality because of the BNP's policies.

The BNP aspire to all things British. Last week they unveiled that truly British spitfire that happened to be part of a Polish squadron in the Battle of Britain. We needed the Polish then and we need them now. To put it politely the BNP have not thought through their policies. Would they send my dentist back to Poland? Would they send my friend somewhere even though he was born in England. Perhaps not, but what would they do with his parents? They are more interested in issues of skin colour, so would they send Ronaldo back to Portugal or does Ainsley Harriot have to explain his nationality to the BNP? Do first or second generations from ethnic minorities have to explain themselves because they happen to have a different skin colour? If the BNP accept them as English, do they have to be separated from older generations of their family?

The whole concept of this party stinks. They propose to pay for repatriation. This will increase resentment and race hatred. I am not sure how they get away with their policies, but I have seen some posters in windows supporting this party. I just hope that these residents have not thought through what they are doing.

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