Sunday, 3 May 2009

Who supervises a parish council?

My main concern for a Morecambe Parish Council is that we end up with a high maintenance council that spends its money on projects chosen by the leader of the council. I have nothing against a parish tier of government, if Rousseau is happy then I am happy, but we may have to bow to the whim of a small group or even dominant individuals.We may even have to deal with a single-issue group.

Unlike a district council, there is no ombudsman to turn to if things go wrong. If Morecambe Council wants more money then they tell the district council and they are given it. The ultimate check is the electoral system, but we all know the failings in our system. A small minority of the electorate may be sufficient to keep one party in power and we may all end up paying through the nose for a parish council.

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