Tuesday, 26 May 2009

An independent independent

I have received a leaflet from an independent candidate for the Morecambe Parish Council. He is not happy with the extra charge for this level of government and was misled into asking for it by the 'Independent Party' (The 'Morecambe Bay Independents' - they meet every known definition of a party, and so are independent in name only, but that doesn't stop them promoting themselves as the 'anti-party' party). He proposes to terminate the council on the grounds that we were misled. If this fails he proposes to put a cap on the council's expenditure. I would agree with this as I fear that a small group within a party could do what they want and we would all be paying a lot extra for an extra tier of government that even some of the people who called for it don't want.

I won't tell you all the details, but this person has thought carefully about his platform for election. I may be wrong but to stand in an election and saying that the whole basis for standing has a poor foundation, it strikes me that he will not gain a lot of votes.

I share his fears but accept that we now have to fight from within this council. We will see how he gets on next week. At least he is trying to...

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