Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Speed Limits

There is one road in Morecambe that has a 40mph speed limit. I have been told that drivers use this as an excuse to speed on other roads. They thought neighbouring roads had similar speed limits. The biggest problem is with drivers who deliberately break the speed limit. They may say that they are safe and the problem lies with drivers who may stay within the speed limit but are simply bad drivers. They have a point, but it is not one I agree with.

The same point is made by those who drive a motorbike. They are safe speeding. My response is that whoever's fault it is, the bike rider is the one who comes off worst. A few years ago I played squash against someone who was far better than me. I didn't know him too well but the next I heard of him was a few months later in the obituaries. I don't know whose fault it was but he was on a bike. Even in a car, an accident is worse at greater speeds. There is also the environmentally friendly answer that lower speeds, slower accelerations, and gentle braking conserves the world's energy.

You can't pick and choose the laws that you want to uphold and those that you want to break, but politicians have the ability to make law and influence our lifestyle.

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