Monday, 4 May 2009

Hazel Blears and time for change

Cabinet ministers have rallied round Gordon Brown claiming that he is the best person to lead them into the next general election. This may be the case but it is hardly a ringing endorsement, especially if you take Hazel Blears words that the ministers have been 'lamentable' at communicating. This is the same Hazel Blears who wanted to be so good at communicating that less than two weeks ago she held up confidential documents for photographers in Downing Street.

Hazel is quoted as saying 'YouTube if you want to' which referred to Gordon Brown's recent foray into using YouTube to let us know how he would reform MPs expenses. She explains further by saying that new technologies are no substitute for knocking on doors. The problem is Hazel, that I don't think anyone has said it is a substitute. The second and major problem, is that Gordon is thinking presidentially. He knows what is best and is prepared to tell us using new technologies. He is not thinking his ideas through. He needs help but thinks he is above it. This is the reason why it is now time for change.

Change the world

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