Sunday, 31 May 2009

Succinct leaflets

I was writing about my second leaflet yesterday as I printed it on 29th May and a lot of it has already been delivered. Today I will share with you a small section of the leaflet which I started on the first leaflet. I called it "Liberal Democrat Quotes" and I thought it was a succinct method of getting across why people should vote Liberal Democrat. This time it wasn't about reasons to vote, but the headline was still fine. I just had space for three ideas.

“You cannot propose a council tax freeze and then say expensive council services will improve. There has to honesty in politics.” I don't think it registers with the electorate when Liberal Democrats say that their manifesto is costed. It means that you can't say what you like without recognising the consequences of any claims.

“Liberal Democrats pay for their own leaflets.” This was a reaction to the Independent leaflet in which they claim to be all things to all men. They are independent of party politics (but they are a party, presumably with a constitution to say who they are and what they think but I have not been able to find it which means that the electorate have certainly not been able to find it). They put people first but how they put people first and if two people have different opinions then life gets very complicated for them.

“The Liberal Democrats Policies are made by the members.” Again this was a reaction to the Independents. I don't know how they decide their opinions, I don't know their preamble to their constitution, and I don't know their constitiution.

It takes a while to write about three quotes and people don't have time to read a full leaflet.

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