Thursday, 21 May 2009

Do we want a general election now?

David Cameron is talking today (19th May) about how he has been calling for transparency for at least a year. He is obviously right to do so and he is saying mostly the right things. He did say that the public are not happy with MPs apologising and paying money back. He is right on this too. His answer is for a general election to be called sooner rather than later. On this he is wrong.

Our electoral system is not good enough to weed out some MPs who may now be seen as criminals. Our electoral system is not even good enough to reflect the views of society. We need a proportional system of representation.

David Cameron's point is that constuency parties can deselect their MP if they think they should. Unfortunately the party members and the law think differently. The former are influenced by how well they can present the party's points of view, and can they win the election. There may be an element of choosing an honest person but we all hope everyone is honest. There is a correlation between the decision making process for constituencies and the police but only the latter is related to the justice system.

The public are now angry because we may be dealing with criminals. In any other walk of like we would be looking at instant dismissal and police involvement.

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