Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Outrageous claims by public employees

Ten years ago if you asked an MP how much they claimed in expenses they would have told you that it was none of your business. Even ten weeks ago they would have said the same thing. Now everyone agrees that expenses should be open for everyone to see. It is our business because it is our money.

Now what about employees in quangos? Should we know their salaries and expenses. We pay for the BBC, the NHS and the police. Are we entitled to know all about all these employees? We are picking on MPs because of a leak to the Daily Telegraph. I have written that we should praise the person who blew the whistle. The difference between MPs and all the other employees concerns self-regulation. MPs regulate themselves. The other employees of the state have their expenditure audited. However all public sector expenses, not just MP's, are paid for by the public, out of taxes. Also, I think we have a right to know whether or not the audit process is working as it should.

It strikes me that we should know details about all public employees. MPs are being put through the mill, and the result is beneficial to the country. Let's see if there are any outrageous claims on our money in any other public organisations.

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