Monday, 25 May 2009

Get the books to balance

Today (24th May) I pass Conservative leafleters. The children aren't pushing their leaflets through the letterbox and it makes it difficult for me to deliver my leaflets. However I don't have this leaflet as I live across the road from the County division. I meet them again and I ask for one so we swap leaflets.

The priority for the Conservatives is to cut waste and give value for money. There is nothing in the leaflet that says how they will do this. What they do say is that they will spend money on improving roads and footpaths, provide better social care for children and the elderly and tackle crime. All these things cost money.

They criticise Labour for cutting the funding for roads, closing a school in Hornby, and cuts in the county care programme. The only time they mention a possible saving (apart from vague efficiency savings) is for the £250 000 on the publication of a magazine. This happens to be the same amount that they will presumably spend on the £250 000 cut in the care programme.

There are lots of gaps in the information given. The public deserve better than this. The Conservatives have criticised, made claims for savings with no detail, and said they would freeze council tax. I presume this means they would cut services at least by inflation. Wouldn't it be nice to see the books balance!

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