Tuesday, 19 May 2009

How to clean up politics.

It has not been a good few weeks for politicians. If you are being kind then it looks like most of our MPs are milking a system to the best of their ability. Those who are less gentle would consider MPs to be thieves. The answer is transparency. This is one of those wishy-washy liberal ideas that can now be seen as essential for the smooth running of society. It’s a shame that we need such extreme problems to occur before we realise what is valuable in life. Everyone may be tempted. We have to have a system that minimises temptation. It looks like the expenses system needs an overhaul.

How do I play my part in cleaning up politics? In the past I have criticised the policies of my opponents. Well I will start by not criticising my opponents whatever they may say about me or the Liberal Democrats. In fact I will try to say something good about them. And here is a start... I believe that the vast majority of people go into politics for the right reasons. As for the Morecambe West candidates where I am standing, I have met the Labour and the Green Party candidates and heard them speak about their beliefs. They are both hard-working people and would be a credit to the electorate. I am afraid I don’t know the Independent or the Conservative candidates but I have spoken with many in their parties. I am sure that they are fine candidates.

I hope that the electorate turn out to give one of us their vote. If apathy rules then we are on the road to dictatorship.

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