Monday, 1 June 2009

Total apathy or will he read the leaflet?

The vast majority of people who talk to me about politics are just spending a moment to say they support me. I know there is also apathy. Here is a conversation that I have just had whilst leafleting. Someone was outside gardening and it is still a sunny warm day as I am writing this (31st May).
"Nice day for it".
"If that's politics you're wasting your time".
"Why's that?"
"You can't trust any of them"
(theatrical voice) "But I'm standing".
"You still can't trust any of them".
"Alright I'll take the insult on the chin".
"They're all dishonest".
"I've written about that it is on page 2 called honesty in politics"

I didn't want to spend much time here because the chances are (as will be seen in the turnout) that he will not vote for anyone. I did walk away two or three times and I walked back when he said something else. However this convesation is much better than total apathy. Who knows? He may even read the leaflet.

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