Saturday, 6 June 2009

Political Excuses

If you don't win in our first-past-the-post system then you don't win. There is nothing for second third or any other ordinal number. Often a politician will comment about how they have a good basis for the next election, or the result was much better than expected or if A and B had happened then we could have won. I'm not going to say any of that. I lost.

Four years ago I stood in the same County division, Morecambe West, and I received nearly a thousand votes with no leaflet. This time with one and a half leaflets (the second leaflet only went to half the division) my vote goes down tremendously -now what does that tell me? OK there were more candidates this time and the total votes were down. I am starting to sound like I am making excuses but I did work hard and I know for sure that one of the other candidates did nothing and I am fairly sure another candidate did nothing.

My first inkling that things may not go to plan was when a friend of mine phoned after the polls had closed, to say that he had been too busy to vote. His mother wasn't voting at all. Let's blame the expenses scandal for that one. There is still a chance with the Morecambe Parish Council. This count is today.

Change the world


  1. I really hope MBIs have got what they have been working for

  2. Im not sure what they are working for. I can't find a constitution or even a website.

  3. Michael,

    Well done I think you'd do a better job than your colleague who got in.

    I'd have voted for you if you had stood as an independent. But that would have made it more of a challenge for you not having the Lib Dem back up!

    IMO its a disatrous result for the future financial well being of Morecambe ratepayers. The MBI taking all seats except one. I'm sure that the lancaster City Council administration will be delighted with the result as well.

    The evidence is already there as outlined in my election flyer.

    The results on the City Councils website:-

    Of course sadly for democracy the apathy party won as usual.

    According to the Visitor, Torrisholme had the highest turnout:- 49%

    I did some statistical analysis on the voting in Torrisholme and from the electoral list:-

    Nos dwellings:- 3,157

    Nos voters:- 5,583

    Max nos votes on each ballot paper = 5

    Max nos votes possible:- 27,915

    Number of votes registered:- 7,102

    % vote cast:- 25.4%

    Obviously some ballot papers had less than 5 votes on.

    I was pleased with the number of votes I got (more than expected) and happy to give those on the electoral roll in Torrisholme the democratic opportunity for a no vote especially as the Parish/Town Council was formed by a petition of only 10% and those who signed it were misled.

    The blisters on my feet are healing nicely!

    I'd be delighted to give you some factual information for publication on your website about the Winter Gardens which imo is in the publics interest.When I started to put the information on the Winter Gardens website forum they shut the forum down! Truth and tough questions of public accountability do not go down very well with the powers that be in this local authority area Michael.

    ATB Michael with your website and your future political endeavours.