Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Arguments not eggs

The BNP news today (9th June) is that their leader has been pelted with eggs while he was giving a press release outside the House of Commons. Why was he there? He is an MEP not an MP. Why was an anti-facist group there? It strikes me that a lot of organisation has gone on to get that egg thrown but there is no denying that the egg represents a violent attack.

Does a violent attack persuade me that racist views are abhorent? No, it tells the friends and families of the BNP that they need to defend themselves.

I have followed politics for some time. I have read the BNP website. I would like to question their policies and find out whether Robinho and Elano would both have to leave Manchester City. I don't know how they would describe their ethnic origin but they are both Brazilian. Elano's skin colour is lighter than that of Robinho. I find it hard to write comments like this because I believe quite simply that I (and anyone else) should have the right to work or spend money and live in any part of the world. It is quite a simple way of thinking and does not involve any racist thought.

I have tried very hard to look for their policies.If I cannot tell you any detail then you can be sure that the average BNP voter does not know the answer. It comes down to racism. You don't change the world with eggs but with arguments.

Change the world

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