Thursday, 25 June 2009

Taxis and Bus Lanes

On the 9th June I wrote about the votes that had gone to UKIP and the BNP. I got one comment that asked for local policies from the Liberal Democrats and from the Morecambe Bay Independent Party. I don't have the MBI manifesto but in future blogs I can take a look at their promises for Morecambe which can be found on their leaflet.

I have been writing about some of the things that Liberal Democrats have been doing. During the election all candidates were asked about the use of bus lanes by taxis. We discussed the pros and cons and decided to support the taxi drivers. They have been looking for support for years and we have been told about communication problems between taxi drivers and the council.

The advantages include a more efficient taxi service, lower costs for taxi users and less traffic in the main lanes, The disadvantage is that taxis will have to move into the ordinary lanes at some point (like buses). If you are a taxi driver and there is a benefit to using the bus lanes then that probably means that traffic is moving slowly so the danger from this disadvantage is low. Their request has been going on for some time. Let's see what happens.

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