Sunday, 14 June 2009

How to get in the newspaper

The local newspaper has a front page picture of our Labour MP with the headling 'Breaking News On Resort MP'. She broke her wrist on election day. In the photo she has a plaster cast which is red and the photo was also in colour. When she was at the count on the following day I spoke to her and asked why she didn't have a red plaster - at that time it was the standard white colour. As a former physiotherapist I could tell her that they came in a range of colours which were normally used for children but I was sure that she could also be allowed to have a red one if she said please and behaved well.

That afternoon she came back and the colour had changed! I don't blame her. If I were in her position then I would ask for a plaster in the colour of my party and I may get one more line on the front page of the local paper. 'Despite her embarrasing tumble she again came out fighting for Labour asking staff to fit her with an eye-catching plaster cast in the party's traditional colour'.

The paper didn't print a press release and a letter that I sent in a few weeks ago, but I won't be trying the old 'break my arm' trick to get on the front page even though it usually works.

Change the world.


  1. Quote from this:-

    Ooh!...never mind, she can rest her arm on the three cushions in soft light of the lamps she bought for £620. And then, practice her waving skills in her £185 mirror while looking in the reflection catching a glimpse of the £235 picture that she bought to remind herself of how she is contributing to ripping off the taxpayers!.....

    Pity you never questioned her about that Michael?

  2. Everyone agrees it is a scandal and I have written many blogs on this subject. The point here ia about one of the milder transgressions, using NHS time and materials which is paid for by the tax payer.

    Another mild transgression is the cost of a mirror. How much should it cost for a mirror in London? How many mirrors should be allowed in a second home? I am sure this subject will come up again in later blogs.