Wednesday, 17 June 2009

We need a police force that we can trust

On the 9th April I wrote about the G20 protests. It appeared that Ian Tomlinson had been struck by a police officer and soon after this he died. We were told that there would be a police inquiry. What has happened? Maybe we will find out in due course and maybe an inquiry does take longer than a couple of months. It is a complex situation but I don't think that the passage of time will help the inquiry. Let's hope we soon hear the results.

The reason that I mention Ian Tomlinson is that I have seen the news today and there is a video of four police officers who are 'restraining' a man who is now known as Steve. It looked like he was being punched and tasered for the second time while he was motionless on the floor. Now I don't know the details of the arrest but the video on its own suggests an over eager course of action (some would put it a lot stronger than that).

It would be nice to hear the results of inquiries. It would be nice to get apologies if apologies are needed. Wouldn't it be nice to hear conclusions to such matters because if we don't then people will come to their own conclusions. We need a police force that we can trust.

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