Friday, 5 June 2009

An Interesting Election

It has been a long election day, but not as long as usual. The count is usually held straight after the polling stations close, but partly because of the complexity of this election and partly because it is more civilised to allow party workers to sleep, this time the count has been delayed until tomorrow. There may be many other reasons why we are not staying up into the night but this count has lost a little of the usual atmosphere.Not everyone is allowing party workers to sleep and I envy those who can stay up.

I have enjoyed election day. Just standing outside polling stations means that I have spoken to some people that I have not seen for some time. I wish I could have been at all polling stations all the time!

There is great uncertainty in this count. The Independent Party did not stand four years ago but they have been very active this time. The Labour vote is bound to go down - you don't need a crystal ball to say that. Whatever happens, the result will be interesting. We find out the result this afternoon. The Parish Council count is tomorrow, and on Sunday we count the European election in line with all the European countries.

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  1. So? Did you get in?
    My daughter is nearly 22, but decided this time she was going to vote.
    Yes, I went, put my cross in the boxes.
    As your's is the only face/name I actually knew you got my vote. [Wouldn't dare not vote...Mum and Dad would skin me alive, even though I no longer live at home.]

  2. Thanks for your comments and thanks for your vote. The simple answer is no but I give my political answer in tomorrow's blog.