Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Why all the secrecy Gordon?

So the Iraq war inquiry is to be held in private. It will not be looking to apportion blame. Well some politicians may already be giving sighs of relief. To apportion blame you have to admit something has gone wrong. Will the inquiry consider whether something has gone wrong?

Let's consider the benefits of privacy as outlined by the Prime Minister. He says that we need to consider the implications for national security. Well this must mean that public knowledge of the truth would be harmful to this country. Yes I can see that, because I think the UN should have led us into Iraq not George Bush, and if I can see it that must mean a lot of people can see it.

We entered into an illegal war and to admit this would be harmful. Most obviously it would be harmful to the people who are blamed. To hide behind closed doors does nothing to make me feel that the truth will be revealed. We know what a lack of transparency did for MPs' expenses. To admit that blame is out of the question and protect the guilty before the inquiry starts does not give me much faith in the process.

Gordon says we must also avoid 'damaging Britain's military capability'. Well if you want to damage a country's military capability then the best thing you can do is start a war. Hiding the truth is another method but not quite as effective. If the truth damages military capability then hiding the truth damages it more.

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