Monday, 22 June 2009

Immigration and the tabloid arguments

Immigration is on the agenda on "The Big Issue" on TV (Sunday 21st June). The question is should there be an amnesty for illegal immigrants. The argument against an anmesty is that this is a small country and we can't allow uncontrolled immigration. These immigrants are using many of our services including education and the health service. An amnesty would send out the message that more illegal immigration can take place and they are not to worry because they will become legal at a later date.

The arguments for an amnesty are that it is morally right. Replace the words illegal immigrant to sanctuary seeker. The reason why Britain is great is because of our freedoms including the freedom to live how we want, wear what we want and say what we want. There is also an economic argument that illegal immigrants don't pay tax. They are using the health service and the schools anyway but without contribution. This idea that there is a huge threat of being swamped is fictitious and a large proportion of immigrants soon return home. Not only do immigrants use our services but they provide them too. There are many examples of this including one where illegal immigrants were working in the offices of those who were investigating such cases!

There was an argument from both sides of the debate that the opposition treat people with contempt. If you allow unlimited access then there is contempt for those people already here. If you oppose an amnesty they you have contempt for the immigrants who wish to play a constructive role in this country. We need to move away from these tabloid arguments.

The answers are easy. Apply the same rules to yourself as you would to others. I want the freedom to live abroad if I so wish, but I don't expect other countries to look after me while I am there. If I do choose to live abroad I hope the locals are friendly and don't have similar feelings to those of Nick Griffin.

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