Friday, 19 June 2009

Morecambe Link Road

A couple of years ago I received a letter from my MP about a proposed link road between Morecambe and the M6. There have been plans to do this over decades but generally the delay has been caused by lack of finances. The route that goes south of Lancaster is called the Western route. There has been absolutely no question of building this road for some time now but some people still support it. I can only presume that they really want no link road. Some people don't want the alternative route that is now going ahead which passes north of Lancaster but is much shorter than its southern alternative.

For decades people buying houses near the proposed road have been told about it. I spoke to one lady who said if the road didn't pass near their house then it would be housing. They preferred the road. However there has been quite vociferous opposition but all that should now die down as the decisions have been made. It was quite surprising then to find one new councillor of Morecambe Parish Council campaigning on this issue. I may go to look at the first council meeting this evening (18th June). I wonder if the link road will be on the agenda?

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