Thursday, 11 June 2009

Check your next bill

The Conservatives are saying that they will not make massive cuts after the next general election. I thought low taxation was the main point of voting Tory and if you aren't going to make cuts then you can't lower taxation. The Conservatives go on to attack Labour by saying that they will have to make cuts of their own. It is up to us to make sense of this. Which is the party of low expenditure and low taxation?

At Lancashire County Council the Tory leaflets promised a tax freeze if they won. They did win. The day after the election the sound bite from the leader of the Conservatives in Preston was better value for money with no cuts in service. What happened to the tax freeze? I asked a Tory county councillor and she said that the tax freeze promise was still there. My concern was that on the radio interview with the leader of the council we had lost the much greater promise of a tax freeze to the much milder promise of greater efficiency.

What is the easiest way of saving money? Employing less staff. I'll be checking my next bill and the staff employed by the County Council will be watching their backs.

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  1. I wrote this blog yesterday. Today's headline (apart from Ronaldo) is about top Tories revolting over plans to cut spending. I used to think that it was unlikely for people to change their votes from Labour to Conservative and vice-versa. Nowadays image rather than content seems to be much more important.