Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Please Vote

I meet someone today who takes my leaflet. I usually get the 'dog' vote as I do like dogs and hers is called 'Maine Road'. There is a Manchester connection here, so I tell her the story about there being no City fans in Manchester because children are always told 'whatever you do stay away from that Maine Road'.

We also talk about the state of politics at the moment. She hopes that the smaller parties do well. I know that the churches recently announced that they don't want support to dwindle from the major parties because they (like me) think that minority parties like the BNP may gain from it. She is actually talking about the Morecambe Bay Independents. My comments before I know this are that you never know what minority parties actually think. This comment still stands as I have just had another good search for their policies and found nothing. In fact, on the second or third page in my search I find my blog rather than their website.

Another person tells me they are not going to vote. I don't think I managed to persuade them but there are good reasons why people shouldn't vote. I think that the reasons to vote are much better.

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