Thursday, 18 June 2009

Answers that raise more questions

If Gordon Brown doesn't understand the system for redacting (blacking out important details) expenses then why is he on TV explaining it? Why did he claim for Sky TV? Why was it accepted? You don't have to pay for Sky News, so we have paid for him to watch the latest Simpsons. I suppose that is acceptable.

David Cameron returned £200 dating back to 2006 because it was complicated. Why was it so complicated that he managed to claim it in the first place? Why did he manage to work out the right answer? Why did his correction coincide with the publication of expenses?

It is only £200 but David Cameron has brought up the question of honesty again. It may just be coincidence but I don't think that you can blame members of the public if they come to the conclusion that he has been found out.

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