Monday, 15 June 2009

Could we repatriate Nick Griffin?

I was speaking with someone today (14th June) who lives in Morecambe. He told me that he had voted for the BNP. I was very interested to hear his explanation as I believe the BNP are racist. They don’t like Jews Blacks and immigrants so I wondered how this could be defended. His first comment was that I was too intelligent to understand the mood of the British people. It was about social integration. It was about uncontrolled immigration. It was about the political agenda of mainstream parties who ignored these points. A YouGov poll last week said that people voted for the BNP not because they were racist but because their supporters feel insecure and let down by the main parties. These supporters are mainly male manual workers whose main concern is immigration.

Nick Griffin was convicted of inciting racial hatred in 1998. He thinks the Holocaust is the ‘hoax of the century’. What he does do is work on the fears of the white working class. He tells us that we are losing our jobs to mass immigration and Islamic fundamentalists are going to bomb us.

I have lived in East Lancashire and have friends who are Muslim. In general they are kind hard-working people who were born in this country and speak with strong Lancashire accents. What Nick Griffin is doing is creating barriers to integration, not pulling them down and this is what he wants to do. However there is no chance for most of these people to go back anywhere because they were born in this country. Go back in my family tree and I will have to go back to Italy or Ireland. I think Ireland is alright but what about the Italian part of me? It seems that second or third generation Polish people are fine but first generation are not. Does this mean that the Poles who came over after the Second World War (as per the Polish squadron in the Battle of Britain) would be sent to Poland? However Black second or third generation could not join the BNP.

What will happen is that the fire of racial hatred will be fanned and people like the one I spoke to today are doing their bit to waft the air. There is a programme on BBC2 and Nick Griffin would not appreciate it. It is called The Incredible human Journey and it finished with the line 'we are all Africans under the skin'. Could we repatriate Nick Griffin?

Change the world.

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