Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Morecambe can learn from The Simpsons

Some money has made its way to Morecambe Parish Council for paying part of the costs of some PCSOs. If you are not sure what this means they are police community support officers. Now at the meeting last week there were comments like we need to know more about what is happening before we commit ourselves to the funding. They were wary of commitment because it is a large proportion of the whole Parish income and the Counil will be held to account by the electorate if they spend too much.

Other comments concerned their hours and the areas of Morecambe where they would work. This is how people tend to think when they have money to spend. I don't think they will get very far with these ideas as either Council officers or the police themselves will tell them it is nothing to do with these elected councillors. Why? Well a police force has its own authority under the crown. Think of the possible corruption. If you are struggling to think what harm this could do then watch The Simpsons. Mayor Quimby will give you plenty of ideas as to how our councillors may be corrupted. It's only a cartoon you may say, but even little things like 'vote for me and you'll keep your job love' or 'I will fight for more PCSOs in my ward' are all claims that could easily be made - if they have not been made already.

It made me think about funding in general of our police force. Money is being transferred to City Council to Town Council and so much time is taken up for matters that are wasting debating time. My advice is to get rid of this thorny political issue from Town council debates. It's nothing but trouble.

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