Saturday, 18 April 2009

Shame on NHS management

Well done Margaret Haywood. She filmed patients who were not being cared for in the NHS and this film was used on the BBC show Panorama. She was struck off as she 'failed to follow her obligations as a nurse'.

There are plenty of managers in the NHS each responsible for their little area, and each feeding back information and taking advice. In fact everyone in the NHS is a manager. If they have forgotten then they need to look at their contract. Managers are everywhere. If you see a lack of care, it is not there by chance. This situation has already been managed and not dealt with. If I had been in her position and I had filmed those patients, I would make sure that my personal care was the best possible care, and that I had gone through the appropriate protocol and nothing has happened. Only then would I resort to using cameras. However as a patient who may not be receiving the best care then I may like a camera of my own. Doctors use them for training purposes. Patients could use them for the purpose of avoiding abuse. The trouble is that abuse occurs to the weakest members of society, and this is just one more example of inequality in the health service.

Panorama had received thousands of complaints about care in the NHS. Mrs Haywood had taken her complaints to her manager. Nothing had changed, and the management system which did not attend to their own monitoring of the situation and did not respond to her complaints is the same management system that struck her off. Shame on them.

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